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Flash sale through Sunday!


Monday – Thursday: 12pm – 10pm

Friday – Sunday: 12pm – 3:30am

Before you place your order, we ask that you provide the following via text message to (864) 663-6122:

  • A Picture of your ID,
  • A Selfie of you holding your ID

Delivery Fees

  • 1st Delivery: $10
  • Normal Delivery: $20
  • Happy Hour (3pm-6pm): $15


Meetups for Members Coming soon!

MEMBERSHIP WILL START AT $50/m. If interested, text “Member” to (864) 663-6122

If you would like to inquire about items that are not on the menu, please text (864) 663- 6122.

Note: We also sell collectable art and packaging; the selected art will come with a free gift of equal value.