How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds: Understanding Ways To Do It.

How to germinate cannabis seeds

Have you been thinking of growing your Cannabis by germinating them from the seeds on your own? If yes, then you are reading the right article to know how. The whole process of growing Cannabis right from the seeds is very satisfactory as well as rewarding at the same time. Well, it is rewarding if you know how to do it the right way! For that, you need to follow the proper methods and the correct way to do it. Only then will you have a healthy batch of your Cannabis. Here you are about to get a step-by-step guide to help you with the whole germination process and you will get to know the different ways in which it can be done.

Let us start by understanding what germination is.

Whenever you are starting a process it is important that first you learn about it so you have better knowledge about what you are doing. The very first stage of any plant growth is called germination. When the seed gets a proper environment for the seed to grow, the seed realizes the fertile environment around it and starts breaking out of the shell it is in. As the shell of the seed breaks a small Seedling starts to grow out of it. Soon you will notice that roots are growing out of it to support the Seedling. The roots will absorb all the nutrients and water from the fertile environment below while the seedling will absorb sunlight and help in converting all the nutrients into food and energy to grow.

Germination is a vital process in the world of Cannabis. It is essential for the seeds to properly pop out for them to grow into a healthy plant. There are many things that the cultivators work on to ensure that the seed germinates properly. It can also be said that successful germination is half the job done. 

How long do cannabis seeds take to germinate?

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There are different types of methods using which seed germination can be done. Every cultivator of Cannabis seeds has its own set of preferences to make sure that they have proper germination of Cannabis seeds. Only when the sprouting of the seed takes place properly can they be planted to get the proper growth required.

When you go through all those methods of germination you can see that every method has its own set of merits and demerits but the germination of the seeds can be easily done by using any of the methods. The only difference is the time taken for the Cannabis seeds to germinate. For instance, water germination is the fastest way of germinating the seeds which can take anywhere between 24 to 48 hours for germination while the other two methods of paper towel and soil can take 5 to 7 days for proper germination. So we can say that the time of germination does not exceed 10 days but the time taken in totally depends on the method you are using for germination.

Various methods are present that are known to cultivators who use them to germinate cannabis seeds. Many are familiar with the old school method that is germinating them in soil and it is also one of the most popular methods used by cultivators. There are also some other methods like people germinating them in water which is also proven to be very effective. Then there is another method of cultivation in which the cultivators use paper towels to germinate their seeds. any method among the three can be used by the cultivator at their convenience. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how well your seeds germinate. Let us take a better analysis of all these three methods.


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The most natural and popular method of germinating Cannabis seeds is by using soil. There is a reason that soil is one of the most popular mediums of germination as it provides the perfect environment for the Cannabis seeds to germinate and also protects the new roots that are weak from getting damaged. However, there are still things that need to be taken care of. For example, the right type of soil selection is also very important. Cultivators can start by potting a certain type of style. If you find that the soil is not good enough, you can add fertilizers to make the soil suitable for cultivation. The cultivators can also choose seed starter kits that have perfect PH that is 6 or a bit more acidic. The level of PH is very important for proper germination. An optimal environment is necessary for the proper germination of seed. You just need to be careful about everything that is being added to the soil. Sometimes too much of something is not good. So if there is too much fertilizer it can damage the seed instead of supporting it.


Germination of cannabis seeds can be done at a faster pace if you try growing them in water. It is one of the best ways forward to get your seeds to germinate at a faster rate. Although, you need to take care of many other things to ensure that an optimal environment is created for your seed to germinate properly. Usually, the process of germination requires anywhere between 1 to 2 days but the cultivators can let the seed be soaked in for a week to get the results. The reason behind this method being faster than the one with the soil. The main component required for the seed to grow properly and germinate faster is the proper availability of moisture. There cannot be any Insufficiency of moisture when it is kept soaked in the water itself. This is the reason that continuous moisture availability ensures proper germination of the Cannabis seeds. The moisture will ensure that the hard shell covering the seed will soften and break easily to let the Seed germinate faster than any other mode. 



Paper towel cultivation is comparatively a new way of cultivating seeds. Earlier the other two methods were much more popular but with time and the potential of seed germination, this method has given the cultivators another way of germinating the Cannabis seeds. The process is fairly simple. Anyone who is into the cultivation of the seeds only needs to use paper towels that have proper moisture and can be kept in damp conditions or you can also use Cotton pads to allow the seeds to have a proper moist condition around them that will allow the shell to break and the seed to germinate. You need to place the damp paper towel and keep the seeds on them and then cover them with another damp paper towel to keep the seeds moist. You will then need to store it inside at room temperature.

 This method takes almost 5 to 7 days for the C to properly germinate. you will see the sprouting of the seeds in the paper tales once the root length grows up to about 5 mm. Once the sprouting is complete you can easily plant them in a pot. Handling the sprouts during planting is also important. You need to be very careful while placing them in the soil so that the roots are properly planted without any damage caused to them. The roots are extremely fragile, which means extra care needs to be taken while planting them. Tangling of roots in paper towels is also a very frequent phenomenon seen in this process. Gently remove the triangle paper using some specialized equipment like tweezers to plant the roots in the soil without damaging or breaking them off.

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