Rating the best OG strains of all time!

Rating the best OG strains of all time!

Some of the oldest and preferred strains are the OG strains that many Cannabis lovers like to have. The hard rock-like buds that are tightly bound together are what give the plant its specialty. The delicious flavor and quality of these strains stand out, along with their resin amount, making them among some of the most potent buds. 

The US market was so versatile and ready to try new things that the best genetic surgery has happened from the decade 90 to unveil the best strains we have today. OG is an acronym for the original Gangster, the most famous version of all around. The uniqueness of these strains might give an impression that this meaning suits better, but it also stands for Ocean Grow as they usually grow at sea level. There are some other synonyms for OG that people prefer to call, but the original one is Ocean grow. The significance of the name has been controversial for many years. Some people think that OG might mean overgrow but keeping in mind the original OG kush and its potency compared to other phenotypes of kush show that the original name Ocean grow suits it the best. 

Many experts believe that the legendary OG Kush is lost twenty to twenty-five years ago. They believe that the phenotypes we have today are some of the best versions of the original kush strains.

Here we are going to discuss the different OG strains that you will find interesting today:

1. Skywalker OG-

One of the most popular and demanded strains of the time in the United States is the OG strain. When Kush OG and Skywalker came together, the child- Skywalker OG, was born. A very potent and deliciously high-giving strain. Given the name, it works just like the name it stands for. When someone tries this strain, they will experience a feeling of floating through the clouds. This can have a similar experience to the Afghan Kush, and sometimes it can even give people who love it a run for their money. 

2. Fire OG-

This is another terrific OG strain that is loved by many. The popularity is at par with its potency and delicacy it has. Some see it as the next level of OG Kush and completely capture its essence by combining all the goods of the originals and enhancing the flavors by taking in the positives of white fire OG. The high people get from consuming this is unmatched and so good that people crave them more. If you know what the white fire OG experience feels like, you will also like the fire OG. 


3. Platinum OG-

This strain has much more likeability than the Silver Haze and the gold; as the name suggests, the platinum OG is one of the most rewarding strains that one can have. This OG strain has been around for quite some time and has made its presence felt by the growth in popularity it has seen since it was in the market. There are so many qualities involved with this strain that everyone who likes it has a reason to get attached to it. If you are more of an animal cookies strain, then you might not like the taste of platinum. If you are a fan of the Hindu Kush, then this is one of the perfect OG strains you can buy for yourself from the market.

4. Banana OG-

One of the OG strains came off as a surprise to people who are fond of OG strains with more THC content- the Banana OG. All the qualities in effects that you are expecting from this chain are generally similar to other OG strains. You can expect a similar effect and flavor with banana OG as you would expect with any other OG strain. But if you want to enjoy the potency and high feeling that the THC imparts, then this is the strain that will give you one of the most THC-related satisfaction. The flavor is entirely dependent on how the individual perceives the taste. This is the perfect strain for them if they expect an undertone of banana and other flavors. But if they have some other flavor in mind and are just trying out an OG strain, then you will have an experience that is different from other OG strains; all the effects would be similar. 

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